Service Segments

Segment ISO9735/UIR


To report the status of the dialogue.

Segment structure

0331       REPORT FUNCTION, CODED                             M   an1..3
S307       STATUS INFORMATION                                 C
   0333    Status, coded                                      C   an1..3
   0332    Status                                             C   an1..70
   0335    Language, coded                                    C   an1..3
S302       DIALOGUE REFERENCE                                 C
   0300    Initiator control reference                        M   an1..35
   0303    Initiator reference identification                 C   an1..35
   0051    Controlling agency, coded                          C   an1..3
   0304    Responder control reference                        C   an1..35
S300       DATE AND/OR TIME OF INITIATION                     C
   0338    Event date                                         C   n1..8
   0314    Event time                                         C   an1..15
   0336    Time offset                                        C   n4..4
0340       INTERACTIVE MESSAGE REFERENCE NUMBER               C   an1..35
0800       PACKAGE REFERENCE NUMBER                           C   an1..35
0085       SYNTAX ERROR, CODED                                C   an1..3
0096       SEGMENT POSITION IN MESSAGE BODY                   C   n1..6
S011       DATA ELEMENT IDENTIFICATION                        C
   0098    Erroneous data element position in segment         M   n1..3
   0104    Erroneous component data element position          C   n1..3
   0136    Erroneous data element occurrence                  C   n1..6