In the following you can find the different Users we have actually defined. Depending on the functionality, we differentiate between

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Professional Users.

Besides there are further subcategories for the Professional User with

  • Single
  • Team
  • Enterprise
  • API
  • Premium Partner.


Functionality / User Account Basic Advanced Professional
EDIFACT Directories
Use all EDIFACT directories from our database.
EDI Viewer - Display
Upload your own EDI files and display the content.
EDI Glossary
Alphabetical list of EDI terms, which will help you in your EDI projects.
EDI Glossary - PDF
Print the whole EDI Glossary in a PDF.
- X X
EDI Formatter
Format your EDI string into a readable segment by segment EDI message.
- X X
EDI Comparer
Compare two EDI messages and print the result into a PDF for documentation of test results.
- - X
EDI Viewer - PDF or Word
Upload your own EDI files, display the content and create EDI-Guidelines in PDF or Word format.
- - X
EDI Support
Get in contact with us in case of any issue you are facing with EDI Comparer and/or EDI Viewer. We will support you.
- - X
Price no registration, free of charge registration via
email, free of charge
see price list


Price List for Professional User
If you are interested in the Professional User account, please have a look in our Price List and get in direct contact with us. Before you decide for a Professional User account you can also have a 2 days trial period.