Map X12 to EDIFACT

Please find an overview of ANSI X12 Transaction Sets mapped to the corresponding EDIFACT Messages.


ANSI X12 EDIFACT Process/Message Category
810 INVOIC Invoice Finance
820 REMADV Payment order/Remittance Advice (EFT) Finance
824 APERAK Application Advice Control
830 DELFOR Planning Schedule/Material Release Materials Management
832 PRICAT Price Sales Catalog Product/Pricing
838 PARTIN Trading Partner Profile Control
840 REQOTE Request For Quotation Product/Pricing
843 QUOTES Response To Request For Quotation Product/Pricing
846 INVRPT Inventory Inquiry/Advice Inventory Management
850 ORDERS Purchase Order Ordering
852 SLSRPT Product Activity Data Ordering
855 ORDRSP Purchase Order Acknowledgement Ordering
856 DESADV Ship Notice/manifest (ASN) Materials Management
858 IFTMCS Shipment Information (Bill of Lading) Shipping/Receiving
859 IFTMCS Freight Invoice Finance
860 ORDCHG Purchase Order Change Ordering
861 RECADV Receiving Advice Shipping/Receiving
862 DELJIT Shipping Schedule Materials Management
863 QALITY Report of Test Results Materials Management
865 ORDRSP Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement Ordering
997 CONTRL Functional Acknowledgement Control



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