Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 0333 in ISO9735

Report reason, coded (an1..3)

Code identifying the reason for the status or error report.

Code Description
1 OK response
No further information.
2 Syntax error
Error detected in syntax.
3 Invalid header
Invalid header segment received.
4 Invalid trailer segment
Invalid trailer segment received.
5 Unsupported syntax
Syntax version/release not supported.
6 Unsupported scenario type
Scenario type not supported.
7 Unsupported scenario version
Scenario version/release not supported.
8 Unsupported dialogue type
Dialogue type not supported for this scenario.
9 Unsupported dialogue version
Dialogue type version/release not supported.
10 Unauthorised sender
Sender not authorised.
11 Sender rejected
Sender rejected for administrative reasons.
12 Multiple transactions unsupported
Multiple parallel transactions not supported.
13 Multiple dialogues unsupported
Multiple parallel dialogues not supported.
14 Resources unavailable
Resources unavailable for requested function.
15 Unknown transaction
Referenced transaction does not exist.
16 Unknown dialogue
Referenced dialogue does not exist.
17 Invalid function
Function invalid for current dialogue state.
18 Service unavailable
Requested service is unavailable.
19 Application unavailable
Requested application not available.
20 Time-out
Response not received within expected time.
21 Unable to process interactively
To notify the initiator that a specific request cannot be processed interactively.
22 Correctable application error
To notify the initiator that an application error, that is correctable by the initiator, was made in the request message.
23 Nothing to return
To notify the initiator that there is no information to return in response to an inquiry.
24 Data not accessible
To notify the initiator that the requested information cannot be returned.
25 Non-correctable application error
To notify the initiator that some type of system or processing error was encountered, not related to the data received.