Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 0331 in ISO9735

Report function, coded (an1..3)

Coded value identifying type of status or error report.

Code Description
1 Information
Non Error information, e.g. acknowledgement that party is still operational.
2 Warning
Warning, e.g. resources getting low.
3 Non-fatal error
Non-fatal error detected by party sending the UIR. Dialogue integrity may be compromised.
4 Abort dialogue
Established dialogue cannot continue.
5 Query status
Request for a status report from other party. Should be answered with a 'Status report' (see code value '6' below).
6 Status report
Reporting status of dialogue as perceived by sending party.
7 Pause dialogue
Advise other party to stop transferring data within this dialogue until a 'Continue dialogue' is received.
8 Continue dialogue
Advise that data flow may continue after being 'Paused' (see code value '7' above).
9 Start dialogue reject
Dialogue cannot be initiated.