Segment D94A/PSD


To define the physical sample parameters associated with a test, resulting in discrete measurements.

Segment structure

4407       SAMPLE PROCESS STATUS, CODED                       C   an1..3
7039       SAMPLE SELECTION METHOD, CODED                     C   an1..3
C526       FREQUENCY DETAILS                                  C
   6071    Frequency qualifier                                M   an1..3
   6072    Frequency value                                    C   n1..9
   6411    Measure unit qualifier                             C   an1..3
7045       SAMPLE DESCRIPTION, CODED                          C   an1..3
7047       SAMPLE DIRECTION, CODED                            C   an1..3
C514       SAMPLE LOCATION DETAILS                            C
   3237    Sample location, coded                             C   an1..3
   3236    Sample location                                    C   an1..35