Message D94A/CONAPW

Advice on pending works message

Typically, this message is to enable a contractor who intends to start works to advise public authorities and water, gas, telephone, electricity ... distributors of his intention and to request them to send back plans or information under any form concerning existing networks.

Message description


M(1) : Message header

A service segment starting and uniquely identifying a message. The message type code for the Advice on pending works message is CONAPW. Note: Advice on pending works messages conforming to this document must contain the following data in segment UNH, composite S009: Data element 0065 CONAPW 0052 D 0054 94A 0051 UN


M(1) : Beginning of message

A segment for unique identification of the Advice on Pending Works number and type of document.


M(9) : Reference

A segment to give prior references of the whole document, for example, project number or contract number, and authorization references if required.


M(9) : Date/time/period

A segment specifying the dates that apply, e.g. forecasted date to start works, duration of the project and/or forecasted date of end of the works.

SG1 M(3) : NAD-SG2

A group of segments identifying names, addresses and contacts relevant to the advice.


M(1) : Name and address

A segment identifying names and addresses and their function relevant for the whole advice on pending works. In the construction industry parties involved are e.g. the contractor, the designer, the client.

SG2 C(2) : CTA-COM

A group of segments giving contact details of the specific person or department within the party identified in the NAD segment.


M(1) : Contact information

A segment giving additional contact information relating to the party specified in the NAD segment, e.g. contact name, department or function.


C(3) : Communication contact

A segment to identify a communication number of the previous information given in CTA (phone, fax, telex, etc.).


M(99) : Place/location identification

A segment, which enables the sender to specify in some occurrences the location(s) of the project.


M(99) : Free text

A segment to specify the nature of the works, in coded and/or clear form.


C(9) : Document/message details

A segment to specify which other documents (drawing organization, circulation list, plans, etc.) are to be sent and processed in conjunction with CONAPW, and what is the communication channel used to transfer them.


C(5) : Control total

A segment enabling controls, for example, the number of documents attached to CONAPW.


C(1) : Authentication result

A segment to provide an authentication of the message.


M(1) : Message trailer

A service segment ending a message, giving the total number of segments in the message and the control reference number of the message.

Message structure

UNH, Message header                           M        1
BGM, Beginning of message                     M        1
RFF, Reference                                M        9
DTM, Date/time/period                         M        9

--- Segment Group 1 ------------------------- M        3 -------+
NAD, Name and address                         M        1        |
--- Segment Group 2 ------------------------- C        2 ------+|
CTA, Contact information                      M        1       ||
COM, Communication contact                    C        3       ||
---- ----------------------------------------------------------++
LOC, Place/location identification            M       99
FTX, Free text                                M       99
DOC, Document/message details                 C        9
CNT, Control total                            C        5
AUT, Authentication result                    C        1
UNT, Message trailer                          M        1