Service Segments

Segment ISO9735/USH


To specify a security mechanism applied to a EDIFACT structure (i.e.: either message/package, group or interchange).

Segment structure

0501       SECURITY SERVICE, CODED                            M   an1..3
0534       SECURITY REFERENCE NUMBER                          M   an1..14
0541       SCOPE OF SECURITY APPLICATION, CODED               C   an1..3
0503       RESPONSE TYPE, CODED                               C   an1..3
0505       FILTER FUNCTION, CODED                             C   an1..3
0507       ORIGINAL CHARACTER SET ENCODING, CODED             C   an1..3
0509       ROLE OF SECURITY PROVIDER, CODED                   C   an1..3
S500       SECURITY IDENTIFICATION DETAILS                    C
   0577    Security party qualifier                           M   an1..3
   0538    Key name                                           C   an1..35
   0511    Security party identification                      C   an1..1024
   0513    Security party code list qualifier                 C   an1..3
   0515    Security party code list responsible agency, coded C   an1..3
   0586    Security party name                                C   an1..35
   0586    Security party name                                C   an1..35
   0586    Security party name                                C   an1..35
0520       SECURITY SEQUENCE NUMBER                           C   an1..35
S501       SECURITY DATE AND TIME                             C
   0517    Date and time qualifier                            M   an1..3
   0338    Event date                                         C   n1..8
   0314    Event time                                         C   an1..15
   0336    Time offset                                        C   n4..4