Service Segments

Segment ISO9735/USA


To identify a security algorithm, the technical usage made of it, and to contain the technical parameters required.

Segment structure

S502       SECURITY ALGORITHM                                 M
   0523    Use of algorithm, coded                            M   an1..3
   0525    Cryptographic mode of operation, coded             C   an1..3
   0533    Mode of operation code list identifier             C   an1..3
   0527    Algorithm, coded                                   C   an1..3
   0529    Algorithm code list identifier                     C   an1..3
   0591    Padding mechanism, coded                           C   an1..3
   0601    Padding mechanism code list identifier             C   an1..3
S503       ALGORITHM PARAMETER                                C
   0531    Algorithm parameter qualifier                      M   an1..3
   0554    Algorithm parameter value                          M   an1..512