Service Segments

Segment ISO9735/UNB


To identify an interchange.

Segment structure

S001       SYNTAX IDENTIFIER                                  M
   0001    Syntax identifier                                  M   a4..4
   0002    Syntax version number                              M   an1..1
   0080    Service code list directory version number         C   an1..6
   0133    Character encoding, coded                          C   an1..3
   0076    Syntax release number                              C   an2..2
S002       INTERCHANGE SENDER                                 M
   0004    Interchange sender identification                  M   an1..35
   0007    Identification code qualifier                      C   an1..4
   0008    Interchange sender internal identification         C   an1..35
   0042    Interchange sender internal sub-identification     C   an1..35
S003       INTERCHANGE RECIPIENT                              M
   0010    Interchange recipient identification               M   an1..35
   0007    Identification code qualifier                      C   an1..4
   0014    Interchange recipient internal identification      C   an1..35
   0046    Interchange recipient internal sub-identification  C   an1..35
S004       DATE AND TIME OF PREPARATION                       M
   0017    Date                                               M   n8..8
   0019    Time                                               M   n4..4
0020       INTERCHANGE CONTROL REFERENCE                      M   an1..14
   0022    Recipient reference/password                       M   an1..14
   0025    Recipient reference/password qualifier             C   an2..2
0026       APPLICATION REFERENCE                              C   an1..14
0029       PROCESSING PRIORITY CODE                           C   a1..1
0031       ACKNOWLEDGEMENT REQUEST                            C   n1..1
0032       INTERCHANGE AGREEMENT IDENTIFIER                   C   an1..35
0035       TEST INDICATOR                                     C   n1..1