Service Segments

Segment ISO9735/UCI


To identify the subject interchange, to indicate interchange receipt, to indicate acknowledgement or rejection (action taken) of the UNA, UNB and UNZ segments, and to identify any error related to these segments. It can also identify errors related to the USA, USC, USD, USH, USR, UST, or USU security segments when they appear at the interchange level. Depending on the action code, it may also indicate the action taken on the groups, messages, and packages within that interchange.

Segment structure

0020       INTERCHANGE CONTROL REFERENCE                      M   an1..14
S002       INTERCHANGE SENDER                                 M
   0004    Interchange sender identification                  M   an1..35
   0007    Identification code qualifier                      C   an1..4
   0008    Interchange sender internal identification         C   an1..35
   0042    Interchange sender internal sub-identification     C   an1..35
S003       INTERCHANGE RECIPIENT                              M
   0010    Interchange recipient identification               M   an1..35
   0007    Identification code qualifier                      C   an1..4
   0014    Interchange recipient internal identification      C   an1..35
   0046    Interchange recipient internal sub-identification  C   an1..35
0083       ACTION, CODED                                      M   an1..3
0085       SYNTAX ERROR, CODED                                C   an1..3
0135       SERVICE SEGMENT TAG, CODED                         C   an1..3
S011       DATA ELEMENT IDENTIFICATION                        C
   0098    Erroneous data element position in segment         M   n1..3
   0104    Erroneous component data element position          C   n1..3
   0136    Erroneous data element occurrence                  C   n1..6
0534       SECURITY REFERENCE NUMBER                          C   an1..14
0138       SECURITY SEGMENT POSITION                          C   n1..6