Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 0571 in ISO9735

Security error, coded (an1..3)

Identifies the security error causing the rejection of the EDIFACT structure.

Code Description
1 Wrong authenticator
The validation is wrong.
2 Wrong certificate
The certificate is wrong.
3 Certification path
The certification path is incomplete. Cannot verify.
4 Algorithm not supported
The algorithm is not supported.
5 Hashing method not supported
The hashing method is not supported.
6 Protocol error
The stated protocol has not been followed.
7 Security expected but not present
It was expected the user message would be secured (eg using integrated message security or the AUTACK message in authentication mode), but this was not present or received in the expected time period.
8 Security parameters do not match those expected
The parameters specifying the applied security do not match those expected (eg from an interchange agreement).