Segment D99B/MSG


To identify a message type and to give its class and maintenance operation.

Segment structure

C709       MESSAGE IDENTIFIER                                 M
   1475    Message type identifier                            M   an1..6
   1056    Version                                            C   an1..9
   1058    Release                                            C   an1..9
   1476    Control agency                                     C   an1..2
   1523    Association assigned identification                C   an1..6
   1060    Revision number                                    C   an1..6
   1373    Document status code                               C   an1..3
1507       CLASS DESIGNATOR, CODED                            C   an1..3
4513       MAINTENANCE OPERATION, CODED                       C   an1..3
C941       RELATIONSHIP                                       C
   9143    Relationship description code                      C   an1..3
   1131    Code list identification code                      C   an1..3
   3055    Code list responsible agency code                  C   an1..3
   9142    Relationship description                           C   an1..35