Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 7297 in D98A

Set identification qualifier (an1..3)

Identification of the type of set.

Code Description
1 Product
Self explanatory.
2 Licence
Description to be provided.
3 Package
Related numbers identifying a package such as a bar code label number related to a kanban card number, etc.
4 Vehicle reference set
A code which indicates that the identities which follow are related to a particular vehicle which may have been previously identified.
5 Source database
The source database of the data in a data set.
6 Target database
The target database for the data in a data set.
7 Value list
A coded or non coded list of values.
8 Contract
The contract related item numbers.
9 Financial security
Financial security identifier set.
10 Accounting
A code to identify a set of numbers used for accounting.