Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 7293 in D97B

Sector/subject identification qualifier (an1..3)

Identification of the subject areas to which the specified conditions apply.

Code Description
1 Construction industry
Self explanatory.
2 Governmental export conditions
Self explanatory.
3 Chemical industry
Self explanatory.
4 Electronic industry
Self explanatory.
5 Automotive industry
Self explanatory.
6 Steel industry
Self explanatory.
7 Factoring
Factoring industry.
8 Defence industry
A code to identify the defence industry.
9 Alcohol beverage industry
Alcohol beverage industry.
10 Police
Applies to police formalities.
11 Customs
Applies to customs regulations.
12 Health regulation
Applies to health regulation.
13 Balance of payments
Balance of payments.
14 National legislation
National regulations specified by the relevant government.
15 Government
To identify requirements and conditions applicable to government activity.