Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 4403 in D97B

Instruction qualifier (an1..3)

Code giving specific meaning to the type of instructions.

Code Description
1 Action required
Instruction requires action.
2 Party instructions
Self explanatory.
3 Maximum value exceeded instructions
Instruction how to act if maximum value will be or has been exceeded.
4 Confirmation instructions
Documentary credit confirmation instructions.
5 Method of issuance
Documentary credit confirmation of issuance.
6 Pre-advice instructions
Documentary credit pre-advice instructions.
7 Documents delivery instruction
Delivery instructions for documents required under a documentary credit.
8 Additional terms and/or conditions documentary credit
Additional terms and/or conditions to the documentary credit.
9 Investment instruction
Instruction refers to an investment.
10 Reimbursement instructions
Instructions as to how the reimbursement is to be effected.