Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 4043 in D97B

Class of trade, coded (an1..3)

Code identifying the class of trade.

Code Description
AG Agency
Description to be provided.
BG Buying group
A temporary group of buyers formed for purchasing purposes.
BR Broker
A person or group acting as an agent for others, accepting responsibility in return for a fee.
CN Consolidator (master distributor)
A person or group acting as a clearing house for goods or services.
DE Dealer
A person or group buying directly from a manufacturer for resale.
DI Distributor
A person or group acting explicitly as distributor of merchandise or goods.
JB Jobber
A person or group buying merchandise to resell it to a retailer.
MF Manufacturer
Self explanatory.
OE OEM (Original equipment manufacturer)
A manufacturer selling its goods to a company reselling them using own labels.
RS Resale
Self explanatory.
RT Retailer
A person selling goods or services in small quantities or by the piece.
ST Stationer
Description to be provided.
WH Wholesaler
A person or group buying goods in large quantities for resale by a retailer.
WS User
Identifies the end-user of goods or services.