Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 2017 in D97B

Despatch pattern timing, coded (an1..3)

Code specifying the detailed times for routine shipments or deliveries within data element 2015 Despatch pattern, coded.

Code Description
A 1st shift (normal working hours)
Self explanatory.
B 2nd shift
Self explanatory.
C 3rd shift
Self explanatory.
D A.M.
Ante Meridiem (forenoon).
E P.M.
Post Meridiem (afternoon).
F As directed
Self explanatory.
G Any shift
The production period that a product will be built such as 1st shift or 3rd shift.
H 24 hour clock
Self explanatory.
Y None
Used to cancel or override a previous pattern.
ZZZ Mutually defined
Despatch pattern timing according to agreement.