Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 1229 in D97B

Action request/notification, coded (an1..3)

Code specifying the action to be taken or already taken.

Code Description
1 Added
This line item is added to the referenced message.
2 Deleted
This line item is deleted from the referenced message.
3 Changed
This line item is changed in the referenced message.
4 No action
This line item is not affected by the actual message.
5 Accepted without amendment
This line item is entirely accepted by the seller.
6 Accepted with amendment
This line item is accepted but amended by the seller.
7 Not accepted
This line item is not accepted by the seller.
8 Schedule only
Self explanatory.
9 Amendments
Self explanatory.
10 Not found
This line item is not found in the referenced message.
11 Not amended
This line is not amended by the buyer.
12 Line item numbers changed
Self explanatory.
13 Buyer has deducted amount
Buyer has deducted amount from payment.
14 Buyer claims against invoice
Buyer has a claim against an outstanding invoice.
15 Charge back by seller
Factor has been requested to charge back the outstanding item.
16 Seller will issue credit note
Seller agrees to issue a credit note.
17 Terms changed for new terms
New settlement terms have been agreed.
18 Abide outcome of negotiations
Factor agrees to abide by the outcome of negotiations between seller and buyer.
19 Seller rejects dispute
Seller does not accept validity of dispute.
20 Settlement
The reported situation is settled.
21 No delivery
Code indicating that no delivery will be required.
22 Call-off delivery
A request for delivery of a particular quantity of goods to be delivered on a particular date (or within a particular period).
23 Proposed amendment
A code used to indicate an amendment suggested by the sender.
24 Accepted with amendment, no confirmation required
Accepted with changes which require no confirmation.
25 Equipment provisionally repaired
The equipment or component has been provisionally repaired.
26 Included
Code indicating that the entity is included.