Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 9013 in D97A

Status reason, coded (an1..3)

Code identifying the reason behind a status event.

Code Description
1 Address ex delivery area
The address for delivery is outside the area of the carrier/transporter.
2 After transport departed
The goods/consignments/equipment arrived after the means of transport has departed.
3 Agent refusal
The agent of the customer refused to accept delivery.
4 Altered seals
The seals on the equipment have been changed from those notified.
5 Appointment scheduled
An arrangement has been made to deliver at a specific time.
6 Attempt unsuccessful
An unsuccessful attempt has been made to deliver the goods/consignments/equipment.
7 Business closed
The goods/consignments/equipment could not be delivered/collected as the business was closed.
8 Changed schedule
The goods/consignments/equipment cannot/will not be delivered/collected at the arranged time because of a change of schedule.
9 Complementary address needed
A further address is needed to effect delivery/collection of the goods/consignments/equipment.
10 Computer system down
The computer system is inoperative.
11 Credit approval requested
The consignee requests delivery on a credit base.
12 Customer arrangements
Goods/consignments/equipment require delivery arrangements by the customer.
13 Customs refusal
The Customs authorities have refused to clear the goods/consignments/equipment.
14 Damaged
The goods/consignments/equipment have been damaged.
15 Delivery at specific requested dates/times/periods
Delivery of the goods/consignments/equipment is requested at specific dates/times/periods.
16 Destination incorrect
The goods/consignments/equipment have been sent to wrong destination.
17 Departure delay
The transport has been delayed in departing on the arranged transport action.
18 Derailment
The train carrying the goods/consignments/equipment has been derailed.
19 Discrepancy
There is a discrepancy between the details of goods/ equipment previously provided and the actual situation.
20 Dock strike
The goods/consignments/equipment cannot be delivered/collected due to a dock strike.
21 Due to customer
An action in the transport chain has been affected due to action of the customer.
22 Empty
The package/equipment is found to be empty.
23 Equipment failure
Delivery/collection could not be effected due to equipment failure.
24 Examination required by relevant authority
An examination of the goods/equipment has been ordered by the relevant authority.
25 Export restrictions
The goods/consignments/equipment have been prohibited from export pending further investigation.
26 Frustrated export
Attempts to export the goods/consignments/equipment have been unsuccessful.
27 Goods units missing
The tally of goods/consignments/equipment does not match the quantity as per advice. Result: less than advised.
28 Import restrictions
The goods/consignments/equipment need import checks and tests pending being released for importation.
29 Incorrect pick information
The goods/consignments/equipment were not collected due to incorrect pick information.
30 Incorrect address
The address given for the action was incorrect.
31 Industrial dispute
The action was frustrated by an industrial dispute.
32 Instructions awaited
Further instructions are required.
33 Lost goods/consignments/equipment
The goods/consignments/equipment have been lost in the course of a movement along the transport chain.
34 Means of transport damaged
The means of transport on which the goods/consignments/equipment were being (were to be) moved has been damaged.
35 Mechanical breakdown
There has been a mechanical breakdown of the means of transport/equipment on which the goods/consignments/equipment was being (was to be) moved.
36 Mechanical inspection
A mechanical inspection of the means of transport/ equipment on which the goods/consignments/equipment were being (were to be) moved, is required.
37 Missing and/or incorrect documents
The goods/consignments/equipment require complete and correct documentation.
38 New delivery arrangements
Alternative delivery arrangements advised by consignee after failed delivery.
39 No recipient contact information
No information available concerning the responsible person at delivery address.
40 Not identified
The goods/consignments/equipment expected to be located and identified in the transport chain cannot be identified.
41 Not loaded
The goods/consignments/equipment to be loaded onto a means of transport have not been loaded on the expected transport.
42 On deck
The goods/consignments/equipment have been stowed on deck.
43 Package not ready
The package was not available for collection.
44 Package tracking number unknown
The package tracking number is unknown.
45 Partly missing
The goods/consignments/equipment are partly, but not completely, missing.
46 Payment not received
The expected payment for the transport action was not received.
47 Payment refused
The payer refused to pay for the service.
48 Plundered
The goods/consignments/equipment have been plundered.
49 Refused without reason given
The transport action/documentation has been refused without explanation.
50 Scheduled past cut-off
The goods/consignments/equipment to be delivered/collected have been scheduled past/later than the cut-off time.
51 Shunted to siding
The transport on which the goods/consignments/equipment is to be placed has been shunted to siding.
52 Signature not required
Self explanatory.
53 Sorted wrong route
The goods/consignments/equipment have been sorted erroneously to an incorrect route.
54 Special service required
A special service is required for the goods/consignments/equipment.
55 Split
The consignment of goods has been split into two or more consignments.
56 Totally missing
The total goods/consignments/equipment is missing.
57 Tracking information unavailable
The tracking information of the goods/consignments/equipment is unavailable.
58 Transit delay
The goods/consignments/equipment have been delayed in transit.
59 Unable to locate
The goods/consignments/equipment cannot be located.
60 Unacceptable condition
The goods/consignments/equipment were in unacceptable condition at time of delivery/collection.
61 Under deck
The goods/consignments/equipment have been stowed under/below deck.
62 Unknown
The reason is unknown.
63 Weather conditions
The weather conditions have affected collection/delivery.
64 Expired free time
The goods/consignments/equipment have been in a storage facility for longer than permitted free time.
65 Outstanding claims settled
Outstanding claims in respect of goods/consignments/equipment have been settled.