Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 5245 in D96A

Percentage qualifier (an1..3)

Identification of the usage of a percentage.

Code Description
1 Allowance
(5424) Allowance expressed as a percentage.
2 Charge
(5424) Charge expressed as a percentage.
3 Allowance or charge
[5424] Allowance or charge expressed as a percentage.
4 Reinsurer's share
To indicate the share of the reinsurer in a treaty.
5 Entry percentage
To indicate the percentage used for the specified entry (e.g. commission %, deposits % ...).
6 Quality/yield
(6318) The percentage of a specified material in the total product.
7 Percentage of invoice
Self explanatory.
8 Reduction/surcharge percentage
Percentage to calculate a reduction/surcharge.
9 Adjustment
Self explanatory.
10 Bureau share
London insurance market bureau (bureau share in reinsurance treaty).
11 Buffer stock requirement
Anticipated additional consumption to safeguard against unforeseen shortages or demands.
12 Discount
Discount expressed as a percentage.
13 Amount tolerance
Tolerance of amount in percentage.
14 Percentage of note
Percentage of debit or credit note.
15 Penalty percentage
Self explanatory.
16 Interest percentage
Self explanatory.
17 Part of documentary credit amount
Part of documentary credit amount in percentage subject to sight payment, deferred payment or acceptance when the documentary credit is available by mixed payment.
18 Percentage credit note
Percentage of a credit note.
19 Percentage debit note
Percentage of a debit note.
20 Percentage of insurance
Self explanatory.
21 Own risk percentage
Percentage of total amount which is not covered by credit cover.
22 Transferred VAT percentage
VAT percentage rate for which accountability is being transferred from one party to another. VAT means: Value added tax.
23 Part time employment
The time a person is employed expressed as a percentage of the equivalent full time employment.
24 Voluntary contribution
Contribution to a superannuation scheme which is not compulsory, expressed as a percentage of salary.
25 Attribute factor
To indicate a mathematical factor, expressed as a percentage , used to multiply a specified attribute item.
26 Additional contribution
Contribution to a scheme in addition to the normal contribution, expressed as a percentage (in superannuation usually expressed as a percentage of salary).
27 Benefits allocation
Percentage of total benefits allocated to a person.
28 Attribute classification
To indicate the percentage of a specified attribute classification (e.g. percentage contributed before a defined year for superannuation purposes).
29 Renegotiation trigger upper limit
The percentage rise in a currency rate of exchange which would result in renegotiation of prices.
30 Renegotiation trigger lower limit
The percentage fall in a currency rate of exchange which would result in renegotiation of prices.
31 Material reduction factor
The percentage reduction in constituent material which occurs in the production process.
32 Acceptable price difference
The maximum percentage increase or decrease resulting from price recalculation which will not result in price renegotiation.
33 Share of buyer's total requirement
The percentage of the buyer's total acquisition requirement for the referenced or similar item which will be ordered from the named supplier.
34 Price increase
The percentage increase in price of the referenced item since the last notification.
35 Share of tool cost paid by buyer
The percentage of the cost of tooling which will be paid by the buyer.
36 Volume capacity usage
Percentage of the volume capacity used.
37 Weight capacity usage
Percentage of the weight capacity used.
38 Loading length capacity usage
Percentage of the loading length capacity used.
39 Share of packaging cost paid by vendor
The percentage of the cost of packaging which will be paid by the vendor.
40 Reduction percentage
Reduction from an amount/price expressed in a percentage.
41 Surcharge percentage
Additional amount expressed in a percentage.
42 Local content
To indicate the percentage of a products local (i.e. domestic) content.
43 Chargeback
Percentage amount charged back.
44 Gross turnover commission
Percentage of gross turnover used to calculate commission.