Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 4295 in D96A

Change reason, coded (an1..3)

Identification of the reason for a change.

Code Description
AA Member attribute change
An attribute of a member of a group has changed.
AB Abroad
In an other country.
AC Member category change
The member or benefits category has changed.
AD Death
Subject has died.
AE Disability
Subject is disabled.
AF Early retirement
Retirement before the normal retirement age.
AG Hardship
Subject is incurring hardship.
AH Ill health
Subject has ill health.
AI Leaving employer
Subject is leaving employer.
AJ Leaving industry
Person is leaving, or has left, an identified industry.
AK Level/rate table change
The insurance level/rate table has changed.
AL Normal retirement
Subject has retired at the normal retirement age.
AM Other
Reason differs from any of the other coded values.
AN Retrenchment
Subject has been retrenched from work.
AO Resignation
Subject has resigned from work.
AP Member status change
The member status has changed.
AQ Alternate quantity and unit of measurement
Self explanatory.
AR Article out of assortment for particular company
Item normally part of a suppliers standard assortment but is unavailable for a specific buyer due to legal or commercial reasons.
AS Article out of assortment
Article normally part of a standard assortment is unavailable.
AT Item not ordered
Code indicating the item or product was not ordered.
AU No delivery due to outstanding payments
Delivery of an item was stopped due to outstanding deliveries which have not yet been paid.
AV Out of inventory
Item is out of inventory.
BD Blueprint deviation
Self explanatory.
BQ Balancing quantity
Amount needed to resolve difference between ordered and delivered quantity.
DC Date change
Self explanatory.
EV Estimated quantity
Self explanatory.
GU Gross volume per pack and unit of measure
Self explanatory.
GW Gross weight per pack
Self explanatory.
LD Length difference
Self explanatory.
MC Pack/size measure difference
Description to be provided.
PC Pack difference
PD Pack dimension difference
Description to be provided.
PQ Pack quantity
Self explanatory.
PS Product/services ID change
Self explanatory.
PW Pack weight difference
Self explanatory.
PZ Pack size difference
QO Quantity ordered
Self explanatory.
QP Quantity based on price qualifier
Self explanatory.
QT Quantity price break
Self explanatory.
SC Size difference
Self explanatory.
UM Unit of measure difference
Self explanatory.
UP Unit price
Self explanatory.
WD Width difference
Self explanatory.
WO Weight qualifier/gross weight per package
Self explanatory.
ZZZ Mutually defined
Self explanatory.