Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 4233 in D96A

Marking instructions, coded (an1..3)

Code indicating instructions on how specified packages or physical units should be marked.

Code Description
1 Do not mark suppliers company name
Self explanatory.
2 Mark customers company name
Self explanatory.
3 Mark customers references
Self explanatory.
4 Mark additionally customers article description
Self explanatory.
5 Mark exclusively customers article description
Self explanatory.
6 Mark packages dimensions
Self explanatory.
7 Mark net weight
Self explanatory.
8 Mark gross weight
Self explanatory.
9 Mark tare weight
Self explanatory.
10 Mark batch number
Self explanatory.
11 Mark article number customer
Self explanatory.
12 Mark running number of packages
Self explanatory.
13 Mark date of production
Self explanatory.
14 Mark expiry date
Self explanatory.
15 Mark supplier number
Self explanatory.
16 Buyer's instructions
Markings as specified by the buyer.
17 Seller's instructions
Markings as specified by the seller.
18 Carrier's instructions
Markings as specified by carrier.
19 Legal requirements
Markings as specified by law.
20 Industry instructions
Markings as specified by industry.
21 Line item only
Exclusive reference markings for this line.
22 Premarked by buyer
Self explanatory.
23 Entire shipment
Markings refer to the entire shipment.
24 Shipper assigned
Markings to identify a shipment, package or carton as assigned by shipper.
25 Shipper assigned roll number
Markings to identify a roll as assigned by the shipper.
26 Shipper assigned skid number
Markings used to identify a skid as assigned by shipper.
27 Uniform Code Council (UCC) format
Markings according to UCC format are required. System of coding products where by each item/multipack case type is uniquely identified. A unique manufacturer Id is assigned by the UCC.
28 Mark free text
Description to be provided.
29 Mark case number
Case numbers to be used for marking.
30 Mark serial shipping container code
Requests the marking of the serial shipping container code to the transport container or packaging.
ZZZ Mutually defined
Self explanatory.