Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 4215 in D96A

Transport charges method of payment, coded (an1..3)

Identification of method of payment for transport charges.

Code Description
A Account
The charges are to be charged to an account.
CA Advance collect
The amount of freight or other charge on a shipment advanced by one transportation line to another or to the shipper, to be collected from consignee.
CC Collect
A shipment on which freight charges will be paid by consignee.
CF Collect, freight credited to payment customer
Self explanatory.
DF Defined by buyer and seller
Self explanatory.
FO FOB port of call
Title and control of goods pass to the buyer at port of call. Responsibility for export taxes and cost of documents for overseas shipments have not been specified.
IC Information copy, no payment due
Transaction set has been provided for information only.
MX Mixed
Self explanatory.
NC Service freight, no charge
Self explanatory.
NS Not specified
Self explanatory.
PA Advance prepaid
Costs have been paid in advance.
PB Customer pick-up/backhaul
Buyer's private carriage picks up the goods as a return load to the buyer's facility.
PC Prepaid but charged to customer
shipping charges have been paid in advance of shipment but are charged back to consignee usually as line item on invoice for the purchased goods.
PE Payable elsewhere
Place of payment not known at the begin of conveyance.
PO Prepaid only
Payment in advance of freight and/or other charges prior to delivery of shipment at destination, usually by shipper at point of origin.
PP Prepaid (by seller)
Seller of goods makes payment to carrier for freight charges prior to shipment.
PU Pickup
Customer is responsible for payment of pickup charges at shipping point.
RC Return container freight paid by customer
Self explanatory.
RF Return container freight free
Self explanatory.
RS Return container freight paid by supplier
Self explanatory.
TP Third party pay
A third party, someone other than buyer or seller, is identified as responsible for payment of shipping charges.
WC Weight condition
Description to be provided.
ZZZ Mutually defined
Self explanatory.