Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 7081 in D95B

Item characteristic, coded (an1..3)

Code specifying the item characteristic being described.

Code Description
1 Certificate of conformity
Product in conformity with specifications.
2 General product form
Description of general product form.
3 Ship to stock
Product without quality control when received.
4 Finish
Description of the finish required/available on the product.
5 End use application
Description of what the end use application of the product will be.
8 Product
Self explanatory.
9 Sub-product
Description of a sub-product.
11 Customs specifications
Item characteristic is described following Customs specifications.
12 Type and/or process
Description of the type and/or process involved in making the product. E.g. in steel, description of the steelmaking process.
13 Quality
Self explanatory.
14 Surface condition
Description of the surface condition (e.g. roughness) of the product.
15 Heat treat/anneal
Description of any heat treatment or annealing required/performed on the product.
17 Coating
Description of any special coating required/available on the product.
18 Surface treatment, chemical
Description of any chemical surface treatment required/performed on the product.
19 Surface treatment, mechanical
Description of any mechanical surface treatment required/performed on the product.
21 Forming
Description of any forming required/performed on the product.
22 Edge treatment
Description of any special edge treatment required/performed on the product.
23 Welds/splices
Description of any special welds and or splices required/performed on the product.
24 Control item
Security relevant product with special quality control and control documentation prescriptions.
25 End treatment
Description of any special treatment required/performed on the ends the product.
26 Ship to line
Product without quality control at customer's, and packed according production needs.
28 Test sample frequency
Indication of test sample frequency. Used when ordering special testing requirements on a product.
30 Test sample direction
Description of test sample direction. Used when ordering special testing requirements on a product.
32 Type of test/inspection
Description of type of test or inspection. Used to order special tests to be performed on the product.
35 Colour
Description of the colour required/available on the product.
38 Grade
Specification of the grade required/available for the product.
43 Twist
Description of any special twisting requirements for the product.
54 Section profile
Description of the section and profile of the product.
56 Special processing
Description of any special processing requirements performed/require on the product.
58 Winding instructions
Description of any special winding instructions for the product.
59 Surface protection
Description of the surface protection required/available for the product.
61 New article
Self explanatory.
62 Obsolete article
Self explanatory.
63 Current article
Self explanatory.
64 Revised design
Self explanatory.
65 Reinstated article
Self explanatory.
66 Current article spares
Self explanatory.
67 Balance out article
Self explanatory.
68 Initial sample
Self explanatory.
69 Field test
First series of a new item to be tested by end users.
70 Revised article
Item design revised.
71 Refurbished article
Description to be provided.