Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 0007 in D95B

Partner identification code qualifier (an1..4)

Qualifier referring to the source of codes for the identifiers of interchanging partners.

Code Description
1 DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet)
Self explanatory.
4 IATA (International Air Transport Association)
Self explanatory.
Self explanatory.
8 UCC Communications ID (Uniform Code Council Communications Identifier)
The Uniform Code Council Communications Identifier is a ten digit code used to uniquely identify physical and logical locations.
9 DUNS with 4 digit suffix
Self explanatory.
12 Telephone number
Self explanatory.
14 EAN (European Article Numbering Association)
Self explanatory.
18 AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group)
Self explanatory.
Self explanatory.
30 ISO 6523: Organization identification
Self explanatory.
31 DIN (Deutsches Institut fuer Normung)
German standardization institute.
33 BfA (Bundesversicherungsanstalt fuer Angestellte)
German social security association.
34 National Statistical Agency
Self explanatory.
51 General Electric Information Services
Self explanatory.
52 IBM Network Services
Self explanatory.
53 Datenzentrale des Einzelhandels, Germany
German data centre for retail trade.
54 Bundesverband der Deutschen Baustoffhaendler, Germany
German building material trade association.
55 Bank identifier code
Self explanatory.
56 Statens Teleforvaltning
Norwegian telecommunications regulatory authority (NTRA).
57 KTNet
Korea Trade Network Services.
58 UPU (Universal Postal Union)
Self explanatory.
Organization for Data Exchange through Tele-Transmission in Europe (European automotive industry project).
61 SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code)
Directory of standard multimodal carriers and tariff agent codes. The SCAC lists and codes transportation companies.
63 ECA (Electronic Commerce Australia)
Australian association for electronic commerce.
65 TELEBOX 400 (Deutsche Bundespost)
German post office.
80 NHS (National Health Service)
United Kingdom National Health Service.
84 Athens Chamber of Commerce
Greek Chamber of Commerce.
85 Swiss Chamber of Commerce
Swiss Chamber of Commerce.
86 US Council for International Business
United States Council for International Business.
87 National Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Belguim National Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
91 Assigned by seller or seller's agent
Self explanatory.
92 Assigned by buyer or buyer's agent
Self explanatory.
ZZZ Mutually defined
Self explanatory.