Segment D95A/INP


To specify parties to an instruction and where relevant, the instruction.

Segment structure

*          C849  PARTIES TO INSTRUCTION                       C
   3301    Party enacting instruction identification          M   an1..17
   3285    Recipient of the instruction identification        C   an1..17
C522       INSTRUCTION                                        C
   4403    Instruction qualifier                              M   an1..3
   4401    Instruction, coded                                 C   an1..3
   1131    Code list qualifier                                C   an1..3
   3055    Code list responsible agency, coded                C   an1..3
   4400    Instruction                                        C   an1..35
C850       STATUS OF INSTRUCTION                              C
   4405    Status, coded                                      M   an1..3
   3036    Party name                                         C   an1..35
+          1229  ACTION REQUEST/NOTIFICATION, CODED             C  an.. 3