Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 7405 in D93A

Identity number qualifier (an1..3)

Code specifying the type/source of the product identification number.

Code Description
BE Batch excluded
Products manufactured in Batch not to be included in consignment.
BN Serial number
Commercial serial number used to identify particular goods.
BX Batch number
Unique number affixed by manufacturer to a batch of products produced under similar conditions.
CN Chassis number
Unique number affixed by manufacturer to a chassis for identification purposes.
EE Engine number
Unique number affixed by manufacturer to an engine for identification purposes.
EM Emulsion number
Manufacturer assigned reference to a photographic product indicating sensitivity.
IL Invoice line number
Sequential numerical assignment to identical invoiced goods which are subject to the same conditions of sale.
ML Marking/label number
Self explanatory.
PN Part number
Manufacturer-assigned reference to a product part.
SC Secondary Customs tariff number
Indicate (e.g. in segment GIR) the secondary (sub-) level of a Customs tariff number.
VV Vehicle identity number
Unique serial number assigned by the manufacturer that distinguishes one vehicle from another.