Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 3035 in D93A

Party qualifier (an1..3)

Code giving specific meaning to a party.

Code Description
AA Party to be billed (AAR Accounting rule 11)
Party to be billed in accordance with AAR Accounting rule 11.
AB Buyer's agent/representative
Third party who arranged the purchase of merchandise on behalf of the actual buyer.
AE Declarant's agent/representative
Any natural or legal person who makes a declaration to an official body on behalf of another natural or legal person, where legally permitted (CCC).
AF Transit principal
Natural or legal person responsible for the satisfactory performance of a Customs transit operation. Source: CCC.
AG Agent/representative
(3196) Party authorized to act on behalf of another party.
AH Transit principal's agent/representative
Agent acting on behalf of the transit principal (CCC).
AK Acknowledgement recipient
Party to whom acknowledgement should be sent.
AL Principal
(3340) Party accepting liability for goods held or moving (e.g. transit) under a Customs authorization and - when applicable - a guarantee.
AM Authorized official
Employee of a company or firm authorized to act on behalf of that company or firm e.g. to make a Customs declaration.
AN Approved importer
Person or company which is authorised by the relevant Customs authority to import goods without payment all taxes or specific taxes at the point of entry into the country.
AO Account of
Party account is assigned to.
AP Accepting party
(3352) Party accepting goods, products, services etc.
AQ Approved consignor
Person or company approved by the relevant authority in the country to pack and export specific goods under Customs supervision.
AR Authorized exporter
Exporter authorized/approved by Customs for special Customs procedures e.g. simplified procedure.
AT Authorized importer
Importer authorized/approved by Customs for special Customs procedures e.g. simplified procedure.
AU Authorized trader (transit)
Trader authorized/approved by Customs for special transit procedures e.g. simplified procedure.
AV Authorizing official
Party that has delegated the authority to take a certain action on behalf of a company or agency.
AW Applicant's bank
Financial institution which is requested to issue the documentary credit.
AX Authenticating party
Party which certifies that a document is authentic.
AZ Issuing bank
Financial institution which issues the documentary credit, if the applicant's bank is not acting as the issuing bank.
B1 Contact bank 1
Identifies an additional bank which must be informed of certain aspects of the message.
B2 Contact bank 2
Identifies an additional bank which must be informed of certain aspects of the message.
BA Booking agent
Party acting as a booking office for transport and forwarding services.
BB Buyer's bank
[3420] Bank employed by the buyer to make payment.
BC Negotiating bank
Financial institution to whom a negotiable documentary credit is directed.
BD Documentary credit reimbursing bank
BE Beneficiary
The ultimate recipient of the funds. Normally the account owner who is reimbursed by the payor.
BF Beneficiary's bank
Identifies the account servicer for the beneficiary or the payee.
BG Employer
BH Previous employer
Previous employer of a person(s).
BI Buyer's financial institution
Financial institution designated by buyer to make payment.
BK Financial institution
Party acting as financial institution.
BL Bill of lading recipient
Party to receive B/L.
BM Insured
Party which is the object of an insurance contract.
BN Insurance beneficiary
Party which benefits from insurance coverage.
BO Broker or sales office
Party acting in the name of the seller as broker or as sales office.
BP Building site purchaser
Party at the building site responsible for the purchasing of goods and services for that particular site.
BQ Cheque drawn bank
Identifies the bank on which the cheque should be drawn, as instructed by the ordering customer.
BS Bill and ship to
Party receiving goods and relevant invoice.
BT Party to be billed for other than freight (bill to)
Party receiving invoice excluding freight costs.
BU Service bureau
Party carrying out service bureau processing work, (e.g. a payroll bureau).
BV Member
Member of a group (e.g. of a group of persons or a service scheme).
BW Borrower
Self explanatory.
BX Building site engineer
Party at the building site responsible for engineering matters for that particular site.
BY Buyer
(3002) Party to which merchandise is sold.
BZ Building site forwarder
Party at the building site responsible for forwarding the received goods on that particular site.
C1 In care of party no. 1
Description to be provided.
C2 In care of party no. 2
Description to be provided.
CA Carrier
(3126) Party undertaking or arranging transport of goods between named points.
CB Customs broker
Agent or representative or a professional Customs clearing agent who deals directly with Customs on behalf of the importer or exporter (CCC).
CC Claimant
Party who claims goods or insurance.
CD Agent's bank
Bank of the agent.
CE Ceding company
Description to be provided.
CF Container operator/lessee
Party to whom the possession of specified property (e.g. container) has been conveyed for a period of time in return for rental payments.
CG Carrier's agent
Party authorized to act for or on behalf of carrier.
CH Connecting carrier
Owner or operator of a transportation conveyance to which goods in a given transaction will be transferred.
CI Commission processor
Party who provides extra treatment to goods on commission base.
CJ Previous member
Previous member of a group of persons or a service scheme.
CK Empty equipment despatch party
Party from whose premises empty equipment will be or has been despatched.
CL Container location party
Party from whose premises container will be or has been despatched.
CM Customs
Identification of customs authority relevant to the transaction or shipment.
CN Consignee
(3132) Party to which goods are consigned.
CO Corporate office
Identification of the Head Office within a company.
CP Party to receive certificate of compliance
Party acting for or on behalf of seller in matters concerning compliance.
CQ Cheque order
Party to which the cheque will be ordered, when different from the beneficiary.
CR Empty equipment return party
Party to whose premises empty equipment will be or has been returned.
CS Consolidator
Party consolidating various consignments, payments etc.
CT Consignee to be specified
Description to be provided.
CU Container return company
Description to be provided.
CV Consignee of vessel
Description to be provided.
CW Equipment owner
Owner of equipment (container, etc.).
CX Consignee's agent
Party authorized to act on behalf of the consignee.
CY Commissionable agent
IATA cargo agent entitled to commission.
CZ Consignor
(3336) Party which, by contract with a carrier, consigns or sends goods with the carrier, or has them conveyed by him. Synonym: shipper, sender.
DA Available with bank (documentary credits)
Financial institution with whom the documentary credit is available.
DB Distributor branch
The affiliate of a retailer or distributor.
DC Deconsolidator
Party that splits up a large consignment composed of separate consignments of goods. The smaller consignments of goods were grouped together into that large consignment for carriage as a larger unit in order to obtain a reduced rate.
DD Documentary credit account party's bank
Bank of the documentary credit account party.
DE Depositor
Party depositing goods, financial payments or documents.
DF Documentary credit applicant
Party at whose request the applicant's bank/issuing bank is to issue a documentary credit.
DG Documentary credit beneficiary
Party in whose favour the documentary credit is to be issued and the party that must comply with the credit's terms and conditions.
DH Documentary credit account party
Party which is responsible for the payment settlement of the documentary credit with the applicant's bank/issuing bank, if different from the documentary credit applicant.
DI Documentary credit second beneficiary
Party to whom the documentary credit can be transferred.
DJ Party according to documentary credit transaction
Party related to documentary credit transaction.
DK Documentary credit beneficiary's bank
Financial institution with which the beneficiary of the documentary credit maintains an account.
DL Factor
Company offering a financial service whereby a firm sells or transfers title to its accounts receivable to the factoring company.
DM Party to whom documents are to be presented
Self explanatory.
DN Owner of operation
Owner of the operation.
DO Document recipient
(1370) Party which should receive a specified document.
DP Delivery party
(3144) Party to which goods should be delivered, if not identical with consignee.
DQ Owner's agent
Person acting on delegation of powers of the owner.
DR Driver
Person who drives a means of transport.
DS Distributor
Party distributing goods, financial payments or documents.
DT Declarant
(3140) Party who makes a declaration to an official body or - where legally permitted - in whose name, or on whose behalf, a declaration to an official body is made.
DU Owner's representative
Person commissioned by the owner to represent him in certain circumstances.
DV Project management office
Party commissioned by the owner to follow through the execution of all works.
DW Drawee
Party on whom drafts must be drawn.
DX Engineer (construction)
Party representing the contractor to advise and supervise engineering aspects of the works.
DY Engineer, resident (construction)
Party commissioned by the owner to advise and supervise engineering aspects of the works.
DZ Architect
Self explanatory.
EA Architect-designer
Designer of the construction project.
EB Building inspectorate
Party controlling the conformity of works to legal and regulation rules.
EC Exchanger
Party exchanging currencies or goods.
ED Engineer, consultant
Party providing professional engineering services.
EE Location of goods for customs examination before clearance
EF Project coordination office
Party responsible for technical coordination of works.
EG Surveyor, topographical
Party responsible for topographical measurements.
EH Engineer, measurement
Party responsible for quantity measurements.
EI Controller, quality
Party controlling the quality of goods and workmanship for the project.
EJ Surveyor, quantity
Party responsible for the quantification and valuation of the works on behalf of the contractor.
EK Surveyor (professional), quantity
Party responsible to the owner for the quantification and valuation of the works.
EL Project
Party responsible for a project, e.g. a construction project.
EM Party to receive electronic memo of invoice
Party being informed about invoice issue (via EDI).
EN Tenderer
Firm answering an invitation to tender.
EO Owner of equipment
Self explanatory.
EP Equipment drop-off party
Self explanatory.
EQ Empty container responsible party
Party responsible for the empty container.
ER Empty container return agent
Party, designated by owner of containers, responsible for their collection as agreed between the owner and customer/ consignee.
ES Contractor, lead
Leader representing a grouping of co-contractors.
ET Co-contractor
Member of a grouping of co-contractors.
EU Contractor, general
Single contractor for the whole construction project, working by his own or with subcontractors.
EV Subcontractor
Firm carrying out a part of the works for a contractor.
EW Subcontractor with direct payment
Subcontractor benefitting from direct payments.
EX Exporter
(3030) Party who makes - or on whose behalf a Customs clearing agent or other authorized person makes - an export declaration. This may include a manufacturer, seller or other person. Within a Customs union, consignor may have the same meaning as exporter.
EY Subcontractor, nominated
Subcontractor authorized by the owner after having been proposed.
EZ Operator, essential services
Operator of essential services e.g. water, sewerage system, power.
FA Operator, communication channel
Operator of a communication channel.
FB Nominated freight company
Party nominated to act as transport company or carrier for the goods.
FC Contractor, main
Firm or grouping of co-contractors which has been awarded the contract.
FD Buyer's parent company
Parent company, e.g. holding company.
FE Credit rating agency
Self explanatory.
FF Factor, correspondent
Factoring company engaged by another factoring company to assist the letter with the services provided to the clients (sellers).
FG Buyer as officially registered
Buying party as officially registered with government.
FH Seller as officially registered
Selling party as officially registered with government.
FJ Trade Union
Organisation representing employees.
FK Previous Trade Union
Employee organisation who previously represented an employee .
FL Passenger
A person conveyed by a means of transport, other than the crew.
FM Crew member
A person manning a means of transport.
FN Tariff issuer
The issuer of a tariff, e.g. a freight tariff.
FO Party performing inspection
Self explanatory.
FP Freight/charges payer
Party responsible for the payment of freight.
FR Message from
Party where the message comes from.
FT Party responsible for financial settlement
(3450) Party responsible for either the transfer or repatriation of the funds relating to a transaction.
FW Freight forwarder
Party arranging forwarding of goods.
GC Goods custodian
(3024) Party responsible for the keeping of goods.
GO Goods owner
The party which owns the goods.
GR Goods releaser
(3026) Party entitled to authorize release of goods from custodian.
I1 Intermediary bank 1
A financial institution between the ordered bank and the beneficiary's bank.
I2 Intermediary bank 2
A financial institution between the ordered bank and the beneficiary's bank.
IB Intermediary/broker
Description to be provided.
IC Intermediate consignee
The intermediate consignee.
II Issuer of invoice
(3028) Party issuing an invoice.
IM Importer
(3020) Party who makes - or on whose behalf a Customs clearing agent or other authorized person makes - an import declaration. This may include a person who has possession of the goods or to whom the goods are consigned.
IN Insurer
Description to be provided.
IO Insurance company
Description to be provided.
IP Insurance claim adjuster
Description to be provided.
IS Party to receive certified inspection report
Party (at buyer) to receive certified inspection report.
IT Installation on site
Description to be provided.
IV Invoicee
(3006) Party to whom an invoice is issued.
LA Party designated to provide living animal care
Party responsible to take care of transported living animals.
LN Lender
Party lending goods or equipments.
LP Loading party
Party responsible for the loading when other than carrier.
MA Party for whom item is ultimately intended
Self explanatory.
MF Manufacturer of goods
Party who manufactures the goods.
MG Party designated to execute re-icing
Party designated to execute re-icing, selected in the official list of mandatories competent for this kind of operation.
MI Planning schedule/material release issuer
Self explanatory.
MP Manufacturing plant
Self explanatory.
MR Message recipient
Self explanatory.
MS Document/message issuer/sender
Issuer of a document and/or sender of a message.
MT Party designated to execute sanitary procedures
Self explanatory.
N1 Notify party no. 1
Self explanatory.
N2 Notify party no. 2
Self explanatory.
NI Notify party
(3180) Party to be notified of arrival of goods.
OA Break bulk berth operator
Party who offers facilities for berthing of vessels, handling and storage of break bulk cargo.
OB Ordered by
Party who issued an order.
OF On behalf of
Party on behalf of which an action is executed.
OI Outside inspection agency
Third party inspecting goods or equipment.
OO Order of shipper
Description to be provided.
OP Operator of property or unit
Self explanatory.
OR Ordered bank
Identifies the account servicer for the ordering customer or payor.
OS Original shipper
The original supplier of the goods.
OT Outside test agency
Third party testing goods, equipment or services.
OV Owner of means of transport
(3126) Party owning the means of transport. No synonym of carrier = CA.
OY Ordering customer
Identifies the originator of the instruction.
P1 Contact party 1
First party to contact.
P2 Contact party 2
Second party to contact.
P3 Contact party 3
Third party to contact.
P4 Contact party 4
Fourth party to contact.
PA Party to receive inspection report
Party to whom the inspection report should be sent.
PB Paying financial institution
Financial institution designated to make payment.
PC Actual purchaser's customer
Party the purchaser within the actual message is selling the ordered goods or services to.
PD Purchaser's department buyer
Purchasing department of buyer.
PE Payee
Identifies the credit party when other than the beneficiary.
PF Party to receive freight bill
Party to whom the freight bill should be sent.
PG Prime contractor
Party responsible for the whole project if other than the buyer.
PH Payer's financial institution
Self explanatory.
PI Payee's company name/ID
Receiving company name/ID (ACH transfers).
PJ Party to receive correspondence
Second party designated by a first party to receive certain correspondence in lieu of it being mailed directly to this first party.
PK Contact party
Party to contact.
PL Payor
Identifies the debit party when other than the ordering customer (for banking purposes).
PM Party to receive paper memo of invoice
Party being informed about invoice issue (via paper).
PN Party to receive shipping notice
Description to be provided.
PO Ordering party
To be used only if ordering party and buyer are not identical.
PQ Certifying party
Self explanatory.
PR Payer
(3308) Party initiating payment.
PS Payer's company name/ID (Check, Draft or Wire)
Self explanatory.
PT Party to receive test report
Self explanatory.
PW Despatch party
(3282) Party where goods are collected or taken over by the carrier (i.e. if other than consignor).
PX Party to receive all documents
Self explanatory.
PY Checking party
Party or contact designated on behalf of carrier or his agent to establish the actual figures for quantities, weight, volume and/or (cube) measurements of goods or containers which are to appear in the transport contract and on which charges will be based.
PZ Party to print some document
The party that is to print a specific document.
RA Central bank or regulatory authority
Identifies central bank or regulatory authority which must be informed of certain aspects of a message.
RB Receiving financial institution
Financial institution designated to receive payment.
RE Party to receive commercial invoice remittance
Party to whom payment for a commercial invoice or bill should be remitted.
RF Received from
Name of a person or department which actually delivers the goods.
RH Seller's financial institution
Financial institution designated by seller to receive payment. RDFI (ACH transfers).
RI Reinsurance intermediary/broker
Intermediary party between ceding company and reinsurance.
RL Reporting carrier (Customs)
Party who makes the cargo report to Customs.
RM Reporting carrier's nominated agent/representative (Customs)
Agent who formally makes a cargo report to Customs on behalf of the carrier.
RP Routing party
Party responsible for the selection of the carrier(s).
RS Party to receive statement of account
Party to whom the statement of account should be sent.
RV Receiver of cheque
Identifies the party which is to receive the actual cheque, when different from the receiver of funds.
RW Issuer of waybill
Party issuing the contract (waybill) for carriage.
SB Sales responsibility
Description to be provided.
SE Seller
(3346) Party selling merchandise to a buyer.
SF Ship from
Identification of the party from where goods will be or have been shipped.
SG Store group
Description to be provided.
SI Shipping schedule issuer
Self explanatory.
SK Plant
Self explanatory.
SN Store keeper
Self explanatory.
SO Sold to if different than bill to
Self explanatory.
SR Seller's agent/representative
(3254) Party representing the seller for the purpose of the trade transaction.
SS Social securities collector's office
Party collecting social securities premiums.
ST Ship to
Identification of the party to where goods will be or have been shipped.
SU Supplier
(3280) Party which manufactures or otherwise has possession of goods, and consigns or makes them available in trade.
SX Surety for additions
Natural of legal person (generally a bank of insurance company) who accepts responsibility in due legal form for the financial guarantee to Customs of the payment of additional duties or fees that become due against a particular shipment, which have not previously been covered by surety.
SY Surety
Natural or legal person (generally a bank or insurance company) who accepts responsibility in due legal form for the financial consequences of non-fulfilment of another's obligations to the Customs (CCC).
SZ Surety for antidumping/countervailing duty
Natural or legal person that has been contracted by the importer to guarantee to Customs the payment of antidumping and/or countervailing duties that become due against a particular shipment.
TC Tax collector's office
Party collecting taxes.
TD Party to receive technical documentation
Party to whom technical documentation should be sent.
TR Terminal operator
A party which handles the loading and unloading of marine vessels.
TS Party to receive certified test results
Party to whom the certified test results should be sent.
TT Transfer to
UC Ultimate consignee
Party who has been designated on the invoice or packing list as the final recipient of the stated merchandise.
UD Ultimate customer
The final recipient of goods.
UP Unloading party
Description to be provided.
VN Vendor
Party vending goods or services.
WD Warehouse depositor
(3004) Party depositing goods in a warehouse.
WH Warehouse keeper
(3022) Party taking responsibility for goods entered into a warehouse.
WM Works manager
Self explanatory.
WS Wholesaler
Seller of articles, often in large quantities, to be retailed by others.
XX No heading
Description to be provided.
COP Convoying party
Party designated to escort the transported goods.
CPD Charges payer at destination
Party, other than the ordering party, which has to pay the charges concerning the destination operations.
DCP Despatch charge payer
Party, other than the ordering party, which has to pay the charges concerning the despatch operations.
TCP Transit charge payer
Party, other than the ordering party, which has to pay the charges concerning the transit operations.
UHP Unexpected handling party
Party authorized (during a voyage) to apply unexpected handling procedures or party having applied these procedures.
WPA Weighting party
Party designated (legally accepted) to ascertain the weight.
ZZZ Mutually defined
Party specification mutually agreed between interchanging parties.