Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 7161 in D18A

Special service description code (an1..3)

Code specifying a special service.

Code Description
AA Advertising
The service of providing advertising.
AJ Adjustments
The service of making adjustments.
AU Authentication
The service of authenticating.
CA Cataloguing
The provision of cataloguing services.
CD Car loading
Car loading service.
CG Cleaning
Cleaning service.
CS Cigarette stamping
The service of providing cigarette stamping.
CT Count and recount
The service of doing a count and recount.
DL Delivery
The service of providing delivery.
EG Engraving
The service of providing engraving.
EP Expediting
The service of expediting.
ER Exchange rate guarantee
The service of guaranteeing exchange rate.
FC Freight service
The service of moving goods, by whatever means, from one place to another.
FH Filling/handling
The service of providing filling/handling.
FI Financing
The service of providing financing.
HD Handling
Handling service.
HH Hoisting and hauling
The service of hoisting and hauling.
ID Inside delivery
The service of providing delivery inside.
IF Inspection
The service of inspection.
IR Installation and training
The service of providing installation and training.
IS Invoicing
The service of providing an invoice.
KO Koshering
The service of preparing food in accordance with Jewish law.
L1 Carrier count
The service of counting by the carrier.
LA Labelling
Labelling service.
LF Legalisation
The service of legalising.
MI Mail invoice
The service of mailing an invoice.
ML Mail invoice to each location
The service of mailing an invoice to each location.
OA Outside cable connectors
The service of providing outside cable connectors.
PA Invoice with shipment
The service of including the invoice with the shipment.
PC Packing
The service of packing.
PL Palletizing
The service of palletizing.
RE Re-delivery
The service of re-delivering.
RF Refurbishing
The service of refurbishing.
RH Rail wagon hire
The service of providing rail wagons for hire.
RV Loading
The service of loading goods.
SA Salvaging
The service of salvaging.
SG Shrink-wrap
The service of shrink-wrapping.
SH Special handling
The service of special handling.
SM Special finish
The service of providing a special finish.
SU Set-up
The service of setting-up.
TT Transportation - third party billing
The service of providing third party billing for transportation.
TV Transportation by vendor
The service of providing transportation by the vendor.
V1 Drop yard
The service of delivering goods at the yard.
V2 Drop dock
The service of delivering goods at the dock.
WH Warehousing
The service of storing and handling of goods in a warehouse.
YY Split pick-up
The service of providing split pick-up.
AAA Telecommunication
The service of providing telecommunication activities and/or faclities.
AAC Technical modification
The service of making technical modifications to a product.
AAD Job-order production
The service of producing to order.
AAE Outlays
The service of providing money for outlays on behalf of a trading partner.
AAF Off-premises
The service of providing services outside the premises of the provider.
AAH Additional processing
The service of providing additional processing.
AAI Attesting
The service of certifying validity.
AAS Acceptance
The service of accepting goods or services.
AAT Rush delivery
The service to provide a rush delivery.
AAV Special construction
The service of providing special construction.
AAY Airport facilities
The service of providing airport facilities.
AAZ Concession
The service allowing a party to use another party's facilities.
ABA Compulsory storage
The service provided to hold a compulsory inventory.
ABB Fuel removal
Remove or off-load fuel from vehicle, vessel or craft.
ABC Into plane
Service of delivering goods to an aircraft from local storage.
ABD Overtime
The service of providing labour beyond the established limit of working hours.
ABF Tooling
The service of providing specific tooling.
ABK Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous services.
ABL Additional packaging
The service of providing additional packaging.
ABN Dunnage
The service of providing additional padding materials required to secure and protect a cargo within a shipping container.
ABR Containerisation
The service of packing items into a container.
ABS Carton packing
The service of packing items into a carton.
ABT Hessian wrapped
The service of hessian wrapping.
ABU Polyethylene wrap packing
The service of packing in polyethylene wrapping.
ACF Miscellaneous treatment
Miscellaneous treatment service.
ACG Enamelling treatment
The service of providing enamelling treatment.
ACH Heat treatment
The service of treating with heat.
ACI Plating treatment
The service of providing plating treatment.
ACJ Painting
The service of painting.
ACK Polishing
The service of polishing.
ACL Priming
The service of priming.
ACM Preservation treatment
The service of preservation treatment.
ACS Fitting
Fitting service.
ADC Consolidation
The service of consolidating multiple consignments into one shipment.
ADE Bill of lading
The service of providing a bill of lading document.
ADJ Airbag
The service of surrounding a product with an air bag.
ADK Transfer
The service of transferring.
ADL Slipsheet
The service of securing a stack of products on a slipsheet.
ADM Binding
Binding service.
ADN Repair or replacement of broken returnable package
The service of repairing or replacing a broken returnable package.
ADO Efficient logistics
A code indicating efficient logistics services.
ADP Merchandising
A code indicating that merchandising services are in operation.
ADQ Product mix
A code indicating that product mixing services are in operation.
ADR Other services
A code indicating that other non-specific services are in operation.
ADT Pick-up
The service of picking up or collection of goods.
ADW Chronic illness
The special services provided due to chronic illness.
ADY New product introduction
A service provided by a buyer when introducing a new product from a suppliers range to the range traded by the buyer.
ADZ Direct delivery
Direct delivery service.
AEA Diversion
The service of diverting deliverables.
AEB Disconnect
The service is a disconnection.
AEC Distribution
Distribution service.
AED Handling of hazardous cargo
A service for handling hazardous cargo.
AEF Rents and leases
The service of renting and/or leasing.
AEH Location differential
Delivery to a different location than previously contracted.
AEI Aircraft refueling
Fuel being put into the aircraft.
AEJ Fuel shipped into storage
Fuel being shipped into a storage system.
AEK Cash on delivery
The provision of a cash on delivery (COD) service.
AEL Small order processing service
A service related to the processing of small orders.
AEM Clerical or administrative services
The provision of clerical or administrative services.
AEN Guarantee
The service of providing a guarantee.
AEO Collection and recycling
The service of collection and recycling products.
AEP Copyright fee collection
The service of collecting copyright fees.
AES Veterinary inspection service
The service of providing veterinary inspection.
AET Pensioner service
Special service when the subject is a pensioner.
AEU Medicine free pass holder
Special service when the subject holds a medicine free pass.
AEV Environmental protection service
The provision of an environmental protection service.
AEW Environmental clean-up service
The provision of an environmental clean-up service.
AEX National cheque processing service outside account area
Service of processing a national cheque outside the ordering customer's bank trading area.
AEY National payment service outside account area
Service of processing a national payment to a beneficiary holding an account outside the trading area of the ordering customer's bank.
AEZ National payment service within account area
Service of processing a national payment to a beneficiary holding an account within the trading area of the ordering customer's bank.
CAB Cartage
Movement of goods by heavy duty cart or vehicle.
CAD Certification
The service of certifying.
CAE Certificate of conformance
The service of providing a certificate of conformance.
CAF Certificate of origin
The service of providing a certificate of origin.
CAI Cutting
The service of cutting.
CAJ Consular service
The service provided by consulates.
CAK Customer collection
The service of collecting goods by the customer.
CAL Payroll payment service
Provision of a payroll payment service.
CAM Cash transportation
Provision of a cash transportation service.
CAN Home banking service
Provision of a home banking service.
CAO Bilateral agreement service
Provision of a service as specified in a bilateral special agreement.
CAP Insurance brokerage service
Provision of an insurance brokerage service.
CAQ Cheque generation
Provision of a cheque generation service.
CAR Preferential merchandising location
Service of assigning a preferential location for merchandising.
CAS Crane
The service of providing a crane.
CAT Special colour service
Providing a colour which is different from the default colour.
CAU Sorting
The provision of sorting services.
CAV Battery collection and recycling
The service of collecting and recycling batteries.
CAW Product take back fee
The fee the consumer must pay the manufacturer to take back the product.
CAX Quality control released
Informs the stockholder it is free to distribute the quality controlled passed goods.
CAY Quality control held
Instructs the stockholder to withhold distribution of the goods until the manufacturer has completed a quality control assessment.
CAZ Quality control embargo
Instructs the stockholder to withhold distribution of goods which have failed quality control tests.
DAB Layout/design
The service of providing layout/design.
DAC Assortment allowance
Allowance given when a specific part of a suppliers assortment is purchased by the buyer.
DAD Driver assigned unloading
The service of unloading by the driver.
DAF Debtor bound
A special allowance or charge applicable to a specific debtor.
DAG Dealer allowance
An allowance offered by a party dealing a certain brand or brands of products.
DAH Allowance transferable to the consumer
An allowance given by the manufacturer which should be transfered to the consumer.
DAI Growth of business
An allowance or charge related to the growth of business over a pre-determined period of time.
DAJ Introduction allowance
An allowance related to the introduction of a new product to the range of products traded by a retailer.
DAK Multi-buy promotion
A code indicating special conditions related to a multi- buy promotion.
DAL Partnership
An allowance or charge related to the establishment and on-going maintenance of a partnership.
DAM Return handling
An allowance or change related to the handling of returns.
DAN Minimum order not fulfilled charge
Charge levied because the minimum order quantity could not be fulfilled.
DAO Point of sales threshold allowance
Allowance for reaching or exceeding an agreed sales threshold at the point of sales.
DAP Wholesaling discount
A special discount related to the purchase of products through a wholesaler.
DAQ Documentary credits transfer commission
Fee for the transfer of transferable documentary credits.
FAA Fabrication
The service of providing fabrication.
FAB Freight equalization
The service of load balancing.
FAC Freight extraordinary handling
The service of providing freight's extraordinary handling.
GAA Grinding
The service of grinding.
HAA Hose
The service of providing a hose.
IAA Installation
The service of installing.
IAB Installation and warranty
The service of installing and providing warranty.
LAA Labour
The service to provide required labour.
LAB Repair and return
The service of repairing and returning.
MAE Mounting
The service of mounting.
NAA Non-returnable containers
The service of providing non-returnable containers.
PAA Phosphatizing (steel treatment)
The service of phosphatizing the steel.
RAB Repacking
The service of repacking.
RAC Repair
The service of repairing.
RAD Returnable container
The service of providing returnable containers.
RAF Restocking
The service of restocking.
SAA Shipping and handling
The service of shipping and handling.
SAD Special packaging
The service of special packaging.
SAE Stamping
The service of stamping.
SAI Consignee unload
The service of unloading by the consignee.
TAB Tank renting
The service of providing tanks for hire.
TAC Testing
The service of testing.
XAA Combine all same day shipment
The service of combining all shipments for the same day.
ZZZ Mutually defined
A code assigned within a code list to be used on an interim basis and as defined among trading partners until a precise code can be assigned to the code list.