Message D02A/OSTENQ

Order status enquiry message

A message between a buyer or buyer's agent and a seller or seller's agent for information on the current status of a previously sent order(s).

Message description


M(1) : Message header

A service segment starting and uniquely identifying a message. The message type code for the Order status enquiry message is OSTENQ. Note: Order status enquiry messages conforming to this document must contain the following data in segment UNH, composite S009: Data element 0065 OSTENQ 0052 D 0054 02A 0051 UN


M(1) : Beginning of message

A segment by which the sender must uniquely identify the order status enquiry by means of its type and number and when necessary it's function.


M(5) : Date/time/period

A segment specifying general dates and, when relevant, times related to the whole message. The segment must be specified at least once to identify the request date. The Date/Time/Period segment within other Segment group should be used whenever the date/time/period requires to be logically related to another specified data item e.g. Reference issue date is specified within the RFF Segment group.


C(1) : Information required

To indicate which information is requested in the responding Order status report message.


C(20) : Free text

A segment with free text information, in coded or clear form, used when additional information is needed but cannot be accommodated within other segments. In computer exchanges such text will normally require the receiver to process this segment manually.

SG1 M(25) : NAD-SG2

A group of segments identifying the parties with associated information.


M(1) : Name and address

A segment identifying names and addresses of the parties, in coded or clear form, and their functions relevant to the proposed order. Identification of the sender (normally the buyer) is mandatory for the enquiry. It is recommended that where possible only the coded form of the party ID should be specified.

SG2 C(5) : CTA-COM

A group of segments giving contact details of the specific person or department within the party identified in the NAD segment.


M(1) : Contact information

A segment to identify a person or department, and their function, to whom communications should be directed.


C(5) : Communication contact

A segment to identify a communications type and number for the contact specified in the CTA segment.

SG3 C(999) : DOC-DTM-SG4

A group of segments providing details of the individual requested order(s).


M(1) : Document/message details

A segment giving references to the purchase order(s) enquired. Other references may also be given, e.g. sellers reference number.


C(5) : Date/time/period

A segment specifying the date/time related to the reference.


A group of segments providing details of the individual requested order(s) lines.


M(1) : Line item

A segment used to identify a line item.


C(25) : Additional product id

A segment providing additional identification on the product specified in the LIN segment. E.g. To give seller's item number, EAN number, technical specification number.


C(10) : Item description

A segment for describing the product as well as product characteristic. This segment should be used for products and services that cannot be fully identified by a product code or article number.


C(5) : Measurements

A segment enabling the physical measurements of the ordered item to be specified where this is required for full identification of the product. Any measurements must refer to the product in its unpacked form e.g. thickness of plastic film, length, weight, etc.


C(9) : Status

This segment is used to specify the reason why an order status enquiry is being made for to the current product.

SG5 C(99) : RFF-DTM

A group of segments giving references related to the order line(s) and, where relevant, its dates.


M(1) : Reference

A segment giving references to sellers reference number, contract numbers, etc.


C(1) : Date/time/period

A segment specifying the date/time related to the reference.


A group of segments used to request the status of only certain delivery of an order line.


M(1) : Place/location identification

A segment indicating the location to which goods are to be delivered. This segment will only be used for multi destination deliveries.


C(5) : Date/time/period

A segment specifying the date/time related to the product quantities.


C(1) : Quantity

A segment identifying the product quantities.


M(1) : Message trailer

A service segment ending a message, giving the total number of segments in the message (including the UNH & UNT) and the control reference number of the message.

Message structure

UNH, Message header                           M        1
BGM, Beginning of message                     M        1
DTM, Date/time/period                         M        5
IRQ, Information required                     C        1
FTX, Free text                                C       20

--- Segment Group 1 ------------------------- M       25 -------+
NAD, Name and address                         M        1        |
--- Segment Group 2 ------------------------- C        5 ------+|
CTA, Contact information                      M        1       ||
COM, Communication contact                    C        5       ||
---- ----------------------------------------------------------++

--- Segment Group 3 ------------------------- C      999 -------+
DOC, Document/message details                 M        1        |
DTM, Date/time/period                         C        5        |
--- Segment Group 4 ------------------------- C   200000 ------+|
LIN, Line item                                M        1       ||
PIA, Additional product id                    C       25       ||
IMD, Item description                         C       10       ||
MEA, Measurements                             C        5       ||
STS, Status                                   C        9       ||
--- Segment Group 5 ------------------------- C       99 -----+||
RFF, Reference                                M        1      |||
DTM, Date/time/period                         C        1      |||
---- ---------------------------------------------------------+||
--- Segment Group 6 ------------------------- C       99 -----+||
LOC, Place/location identification            M        1      |||
DTM, Date/time/period                         C        5      |||
QTY, Quantity                                 C        1      |||
---- ---------------------------------------------------------+++
UNT, Message trailer                          M        1