Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 8053 in D02A

Equipment type code qualifier (an1..3)

Code qualifying a type of equipment.

Code Description
AA Ground equipment
Ground equipment being fuelled or serviced.
AB Chain
Chain used in the securing of cargo.
AD Temperature recorder
Temperature recorder to provide a record of the actual temperature.
AE Body trailer
The part of the vehicle where the cargo is loaded.
AG Slipsheet
A cardboard platform used for holding product for storage or transportation.
AH No special equipment needed
A code to indicate that there is no special equipment needed.
AI Vessel hold
A compartment forming part of a transport vessel.
AJ Flat rack
Type of open container used for carrying objects.
AK Aircraft
To indicate that the equipment is an aircraft.
AL Medical device
A device used for medical purposes.
AM Refrigerated container
A refrigerated (reefer) container that is actively cooling the product.
AN Synthetic pallet 80*120cm
A pallet with standard dimensions 80*120 centimetres made of synthetic material.
AO Synthetic pallet 100*120cm
A standard pallet with standard dimensions 100*120 centimetres made of synthetic material.
AP Clothing hanger rack
Equipment used to store and transport clothing in a hanging position.
AQ Road/rail trailer
Trailer designated for combined road/rail use.
AT Overhang wagon
Empty rail wagon added to the loaded wagons, when goods are longer than the loaded wagon.
BL Blocks
A piece of equipment that is normally a piece of wood to fix cargo (e.g. coils) during transport.
BR Barge
Flat bottomed inland cargo vessel for canals and rivers with or without own propulsion for the purpose of transported goods. (Synonym: Lighter).
BX Boxcar
An enclosed railway goods wagon.
CH Chassis
A wheeled carriage onto which an ocean container is mounted for inland conveyance.
CN Container
Equipment item as defined by ISO for transport. It must be of: A) permanent character, strong enough for repeated use; B) designed to facilitate the carriage of goods, by one or more modes of transport, without intermediate reloading; C) fitted with devices for its ready handling, particularly.
LU Load/unload device on equipment
A mechanical device used in the loading and/or unloading of cargo into and from transport equipment.
PA Pallet
A platform on which goods can be stacked in order to facilitate the movement by a forklift or sling.
PL Platform
A piece of equipment normally having a flat surface, or prepared for carrying cargo with a specific shape.
RF Flat car
A railway wagon without raised sides or ends.
RG Reefer generator
A generator used to control the temperature in temperature-controlled transport equipment.
RO Rope
Rope used in the securing of cargo.
RR Rail car
To identify that the equipment is a rail car.
SW Swap body
Rectangular equipment unit without wheels, which can be mounted on a chassis or positioned on legs.
TE Trailer
A vehicle without motive power, designed for the carriage of cargo and to be towed by a motor vehicle.
TP Tarpaulin
Waterproof material, e.g. canvas, to spread over cargo to protect it from getting wet.
TS Tackles
[8030] Identification marks and numbers of loading tackle used (sheets, ropes, chains, etc.), as specified in DCU 9 to CIM Article 13; and of containers, as specified in Articles 5 and 10 of Annex III to CIM (CIM 17).
UL ULD (Unit load device)
An aircraft container or pallet.
BPN Box pallet non-exchangeable
A box pallet which cannot be exchanged.
BPO Truck being transported
A road vehicle capable of carrying goods which is being carried on another means of transport.
BPP Truck and trailer combination being transported
A road vehicle capable of carrying goods with an attached trailer which is being carried on another means of transport.
BPQ Tractor and trailer being transported
A trailer accompanied by a self-propelling tractor unit which is being carried on another means of transport.
BPY Box pallet EUR Y non exchangeable
A euro-pallet of type Y that may not be exchanged.
DPA Deadlight (panel)
A set of panels fixed inside a porthole.
EFP Exchangeable EUR flat pallet
A flat euro-pallet that may be exchanged.
EYP Exchangeable EUR Y box pallet
A euro-pallet of type Y that may be exchanged.
FPN Flat pallet EUR non exchangeable
A flat euro-pallet that may not be exchanged.
FPR Flat pallet (railway property) non-exchangeable
A non-exchangeable flat pallet owned by a railroad.
FSU Forked support
Self explanatory.
LAR Lashing rope
A rope for lashing cargo.
MPA Movable panel
A panel which can be moved.
PBP Identified private box pallet
A box pallet identified as being privately owned.
PFP Identified private flat pallet
A flat pallet identified as being privately owned.
PPA Protecting panel
A panel used for protection.
PST Portable stove
A portable heating unit.
RGF Ground facility
Storage tank or facility capable of receiving shipment of goods or commodity.
SCA Small container category A
Self explanatory.
SCB Small container category B
Self explanatory.
SCC Small container category C
Self explanatory.
SFA Stiffening ring of frame
Self explanatory.
SPP Identified special pallet
A pallet identified as special.
STR Strap
A narrow strip of flexible material.
TSU Tarpaulin support
A device to support a tarpaulin.
1. This code value will be removed effective with directory D.04B.