Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 7431 in D02A

Agreement type code qualifier (an1..3)

Code qualifying the type of agreement.

Code Description
1 Type of participation
The subject of the agreement is the type of participation.
2 Credit cover agreement
Agreement on protection against risk of credit losses on sales to buyers.
3 Cedent's treaty identifier
Identifies the treaty as assigned by the cedent.
4 Reinsurer's treaty identifier
Identifies the treaty as assigned by the reinsurer.
5 Type of contract letting
The type of agreement needed to specify construction works tendered out as public or restricted.
6 Contract breakdown type
The type of contract breakdown.
7 Contractor responsibility and liability structure
The way the contractor(s) are structured to perform a contract for the purpose of responsibility and liability.
8 Health insurance cover agreement
Agreement on health insurance coverage.
9 Contract
The type of agreement is a contract.
10 Social security cover agreement
Agreement on social security cover.
11 Grid connection contract
Contract for connection to a grid.
12 Power supply contract
Contract for supply of power.