Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 7295 in D02A

Requirement or condition description identifier (an1..17)

Code specifying a requirement or condition.

Code Description
1 Service provider determined service
The service was determined by the service provider.
2 All X-rays specifically requested
All X-rays specifically requested.
3 Not for comparison
Not for comparison.
4 Contiguous body area service with different set-up
The service on contiguous body area that required different set-up.
5 Non-contiguous body areas service
The service was conducted on non-contiguous body areas.
6 Three hours or more between services
Three hours or more between the services.
7 Left body part service
Service was conducted on the left part of the body.
8 Lost referral
The referral has been lost.
9 Necessary emergency and/or immediate treatment
Treatment was necessary as it was an emergency and/or immediately required.
10 Second visit in one day
Second visit in one day.
11 Separate procedure
The procedure is separate.
12 Not usual medical after-care
Post treatment medical care which differs from the usual post treatment medical care.
13 Right body part service
Service was conducted on the right part of the body.