Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 6353 in D02A

Unit type code qualifier (an1..3)

Code qualifying the type of unit.

Code Description
1 Number of pricing units
Number of units which multiplied by the unit price gives price.
2 Transportable unit
A unit that is capable of being transported.
3 Number of debit units
The number of units which are debited by the sender of the consignment to the receiving party.
4 Number of received units
The number of units which are received by the receiving party of the consignment.
5 Number of free days for container availability
Number of days within which the container will be made available at no charge.
6 Number of structure components
Number of components in a structure.
7 Number of asset units
The number of units of an asset.
8 Number of consignments
The number of consignments.
9 Adult
The unit is an adult.
10 Child
The unit is a child.
11 Number of trial balance accounts
The unit is trial balance account.
12 Number of lines
Unit is line.
13 Senior citizen
The unit is a senior citizen.