Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 5049 in D02A

Contribution type description code (an1..3)

Code specifying a type of contribution scheme.

Code Description
1 Company
Company payment.
2 Company award
Company payment as per an industry or similar industrial award agreement.
3 Company over-award
Company payment which is higher than an industry or similar award agreement.
4 Lump sum
Payment is in the form of a single payment.
5 Company additional
Additional company payment.
6 Company voluntary
A company payment which is paid on a voluntary basis.
7 Member voluntary
A member payment which is paid on a voluntary basis.
8 Member additional
Additional member payment.
9 Member individual
Single payment by an individual member.
10 Group
Payment as part of a group plan or scheme.
11 Other
Contribution type differs from any of the other coded values.
ZZZ Mutually defined
Mutually defined contribution type.