Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 4055 in D02A

Delivery or transport terms function code (an1..3)

Code specifying the function of delivery or transport terms.

Code Description
1 Price condition
Specifies a condition related to the price which a seller must fulfil before the buyer will complete a purchase.
2 Despatch condition
Condition requested by the customer under which the supplier shall deliver: Extent of freight costs, means of transport.
3 Price and despatch condition
Condition related to price and despatch that the seller must complete before the customer will agree payment.
4 Collected by customer
Indicates that the customer will pick up the goods at the supplier. He will take care of the means of transport.
5 Transport condition
Specifies the conditions under which the transport takes place under the responsibility of the carrier.
6 Delivery condition
Specifies the conditions under which the goods must be delivered to the consignee.