Qualifier Value

Qualifier values of 7059 in D01B

Class type code (an1..3)

Code specifying the type of class.

Code Description
1 Chemistry
The class of chemical properties.
2 Mechanical
Mechanical properties.
3 Component of measurable quantity
Component being quantitatively measured (such as height).
4 System of measurable quantity
System being investigated to obtain a measurable quantity (such as blood serum).
5 Ecological labelling
Characteristic of ecological labelling.
6 Party characteristic
Characteristic of a party.
7 Magnetic
The property is magnetic.
8 Meter
A class of characteristics describing a meter.
9 Meter reading
A class of characteristics describing a meter reading.
10 Unspecified
No specific class.
11 Product
A class of characteristics describing a product.
12 Medical investigation
The class describes a medical investigation.
13 Animal species
The class describes the species of an animal.
14 Animal breed
The class describes the breed of an animal species.
15 Structure
Property of a structure.
16 Parameter
Property of a parameter.
17 Equipment
A class of characteristics describing an equipment.