Segment D15A/LIN


To identify a line item and configuration.

Segment structure

1082       LINE ITEM IDENTIFIER                               C   an1..6
1229       ACTION CODE                                        C   an1..3
C212       ITEM NUMBER IDENTIFICATION                         C
   7140    Item identifier                                    C   an1..35
   7143    Item type identification code                      C   an1..3
   1131    Code list identification code                      C   an1..17
   3055    Code list responsible agency code                  C   an1..3
C829       SUB-LINE INFORMATION                               C
   5495    Sub-line indicator code                            C   an1..3
   1082    Line item identifier                               C   an1..6
1222       CONFIGURATION LEVEL NUMBER                         C   n1..2
7083       CONFIGURATION OPERATION CODE                       C   an1..3