EDI Viewer

With the EDI Viewer 4.0 you can upload an EDI message and it will be displayed segment by segment with the relevant values for the data elements etc.

Where available you can see the explanations for the codes and qualifiers. With version 4.0 you can now also see the segment groups. Besides we have implemented a new functionality for generating EDI-Guidelines in Word format based on your input EDI file.

At first please select an EDIFACT or EANCOM file with extension .txt and only one UNH-UNT message inside. Then click on "View" and the whole message should be displayed. This functionality is available for all Users also without registration.

In a second step you can then generate a PDF EDI-Guideline. For this you have to be logged in as a Basic User. User registration is free and we just need your email address and a password.

For Premium Users it is also possible to create own EDI-Guidelines in Word format. If you are interested to become a Premium User, please get in contact with us. We will then provide price details to you.

Your data will not be stored on our side, it will just be displayed. There is no general syntax check included, besides checking of UNH for the relevant message structure.

To have an idea how it looks like in general after uploading your data, you can just use the sample data on the right hand side.

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