Another year...

Well, my spare time is limited, indeed. Now, the poll has gone for a year. Wow, how fast time runs by.

The result of the platform poll is still the same, most of you want a version for Windows, many for both platforms and a some for Linux. Too bad for me as I'm on Linux but in the meanwhile, there are pretty good cross-platform tools to do development on either platform and generate code for the other. I think of QT when C++ should be the choice or Lazarus/FreePascal if one looks for a Delphi like toolset. Both are quite useful.

D14A and D15A

Long time there has been no updates on the site. Please find the two new standards D14A and D15A in the Standards menue.

Btw, I havn't forgotten the poll of what a new TC should look like. Currently, 55% what to have it on Windows, the rest wants it on Linux or on both systems. So the result gives a more or less clear picture. Thats cool. Seems so that the best thing will be a cross-platform development...


Ok, some of you have voted already on the current poll regarding the target operating system. Keep on voting!

Next poll will be something about which feature in TC would support you most:
a) Speed of conversion (command line tool)
b) Scriptable backend (e.g. using a Python API)
c) Interactive analytics on messages and manual start of conversion (in a GUI)
d) ... ?

Any ideas for d) e) f) ... ? Mail me!

New Tiny Converter

As you may know, there is a small software paket named "Tinyconv" or "Tiny Converter" - in short "TC". This is a program which can read nearly any EDIFACT message and converts to an output format which looks like ever you want.

Since time passes by, the packet is quite old now and the old sources are not really maintained. Furthermore, there are different versions out there which all are named "tinyconv" or so, but they are quite different. No real good version handling has been done in the past.

Standard D13A

Hi all, you may have noticed that D13A is available since a long time. Sorry for not adding a note on the frontpage.


Hi all,

the D12A is now available. This standard contains 194 messages, 288 qualifiers and 156 segments. Have fun with them :-)

Spam and such - the consequence

What I said in the registration email and in the previous article about spamming was obviously not clear to everyone.

At least not for some trouble maker out there in the internet. On the cost of all who would like to use the platform for information sharing and placing comments to articles, they use it for senseless spam - with a consequence:

I had to close the free registration.

Spam and such

Hi, some of you may have seen it - I removed some "comments". I want to use this post to remember you that I always remove comments which content is obviously advertisings or simply a link to other sites. This site is for talking about EDI/EDIFACT.
It is told to everyone who wants to place such advertising comments here that the work is wasted and for sure unwanted. I'll remove the comments.

D11A is available

oh my god, I cannot believe that another year has been gone. When a new EDIFACT standard comes out, it's just about a year after the previous release. I feel that it was just a few weeks ago.
Anyway, have a look to the D11A. The ranking of the messages did not change the order, but of course the hitcounts increased:

  1. D96A, 30413
  2. D97A, 8450
  3. D93A, 7395

D10A is online

The current D10A is now online. By the way, did you know that the D96A is by far the most clicked standard? Since January, 7 2010, the message list page of D96A has been selected more than 12500 times, followed by D97A with 3200 times and D93A with 2800 times. Did you expect this?

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